the desolate USA


Driving across the United States this summer we ran across quite a few desolate places. Kind of sad to see, but at the same time beautiful in its own right. Here are a few of the places.

route 66 (1699) route 66 (1692) route 66 (1688) route 66 (1684) route 66 (1682)


Between the doors


Maria between doors (1330)

winter wonderland (1372)

Floors and doors


I was once again asked by my friend Isabella to take a few photos of her. This is what we came up with…



My friends are starting a new magazine and I was asked to contribute with a photo of one of them for the cover. I was happy to comply, but in the end the photo wasn’t used. You can see it below, though the plan was to add other elements as well.


My friends Stina and Claes.
A.k.a. Trees built with Lego, possibly… (Thanks to Björn for the band name.)

She sells heart


I was asked by my friends in the band Tiny Boys to shoot this image according to their specifications. The plan was for it to be used as the cover of their first full length album. In the end another image was chosen, though. At the time of the assignment, they intended to change band names, thus the name for this post.